Scott Safety Launches Imperium Incident Command Suite

MONROE, NC—Scott Safety, a Tyco business, announced the launch of its new Imperium Incident Command Suite (ICS) solution in response to market requests for a more automated, simpler way to manage incident command activities. Imperium  ICS is designed to advance both tactical and strategic event management, as well as help customers meet compliance standards set forth by both NIMS and their own standard operating guidelines. Developed for fire departments and first responders, Imperium ICS for Windows and its companion products can be used with any SCBA.

“Imperium ICS gives us the ability to customize fire ground benchmarks allowing the fire officer to manage and track the flow of the incident more effectively,” says Matthew Schofield, chief at the Jefferson City (MO) Fire Department. “This is the first solution I am aware of that integrates with a firefighter’s SCBA to give the incident commander real-time air status and a distress/evac signaling while supporting overall scene management.”

Imperium ICS is a comprehensive suite of products that:

  • Operates in a variety of environments both with and without Internet connectivity.
  • Integrates with existing organizational standard operating guidelines and facilitates compliance with best practice standards for incident  command and accountability.
  • Provides the incident commander with a comprehensive view of events regardless of size.

The standard easy-to-understand tactical screen within the Imperium ICS for Windows allows the company officer or team leader to see who is on-scene and log team assignments, manage other ICS activities more efficiently, as well as group teams, and update details on the go, ensuring the system is accountable for all personnel. When used with the Scott SEMS II SCBA telemetry system, there is the added benefit of air level, PASS, and EVAC data available to command.

“Firefighters and first responders work in demanding environments where clear communications and situational awareness are critical to safety,” says Jeff Emery, director of global marketing, Scott Safety. “Our new incident command suite will improve both tactical and strategic event management no matter the size of the event.”

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