Scott Safety Announces the Scott Extended Life 30-Year Cylinder

MONROE, NC—Scott Safety introduced the Scott Extended Life (SEL) 30-year Cylinder into its range of cylinder options for the Air-Pak product.  

Offering a service life of up to 30 years and approved with both the Air-Pak 75 and Air-Pak X3 SCBA, this cylinder offering will provide customers with the opportunity to extend service life beyond that of a traditional carbon composite cylinder, thus extending cost savings and helping to maintain a low cost of ownership.

“The Scott Safety Air-Pak SCBA has earned its reputation through the years as the most durable and easy-to-use SCBA on the market, with the lowest total cost of ownership,” said Jason Cannon, Air-Pak SCBA Product Line Manager. “The introduction of our 30-year cylinder reinforces our commitment to low cost of ownership for our customers.”

The SEL 30-year Cylinder range will be available in 30-minute (shown), 45-minute, and 60-minute rated durations in a 4,500-psig working pressure and is approved to DOT specifications.

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