Scott Safety Announces NFPA 2013 Approvals for SCBA

MONROE, NC—Scott Safety is pleased to announce that the Air-Pak X3 SCBA and Air-Pak 75 SCBA have received approvals to the 2013 Edition of NFPA 1981 and 1982 and will begin shipping immediately. Announced at FDIC last year, the Air-Pak X3 meets the stringent NFPA 2013 Edition SCBA Standards, while incorporating a whole new set of advanced technology to further enhance user safety, wearability, and performance.

Scott Safety has increased the level of comfort of the Air-Pak X3 SCBA by introducing features that better distribute the weight and reduce fatigue. The shoulder straps now have an articulating point of connection to help move with the wearer, while performing overhead tasks or climbing ladders, reducing fatigue. The Air-Pak X3 also features a user-friendly sweep gauge with an External HUD to provide critical air status to other team members. The Air-Pak X3 is available with industry-first technologies such as 5.5 cylinder technology and the Snap-Change cylinder change-out.

The Air-Pak 75 (AP 75) SCBA offers:

  • Redundancy of Safety Features – giving firefighters confidence in their life saving equipment and allowing them to focus on the critical job at hand.
  • Ease of Use – provides firefighters a simple-to-use and easy-to-understand SCBA that requires minimal training, increases operational efficiencies and reduces training costs.
  • Low Cost of Ownership – lower costs after initial sale through its rugged design, assembly and warranty policy enable the department to direct valuable funding to training and other PPE rather than on maintenance costs.

Both the Air-Pak X3 and Air-Pak 75 will be on display at the Scott Safety booth (2223) at FDIC April 7-12, 2014.

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