SCI Improves Cylinder Durability

The DURA-LITE 15 from SCI has an improved exterior design which creates an incredibily durable SCBA cylinder. Unlike other cylinders that claim to have improved durability, only the DURA-LITE 15 utilizes uniquely formulated, highly durable exterior protection design parameters which completely surround the outer surfaces. It fits in virtually any brand of SCBA and available in 30, 45 or 60 minute durations in both 2216 psi or 4500 psi models.

Structural Composites Industries provides a genuine breakthrough in composites cylinder technology with innovative structural enhancements to the DURA-LITE 15™ product family.

Firefighters and Hazmat personnel have expressed a desire for improvement to impact, abrasion and internal corrosion vulnerability over their current carbon composite cylinders. SCI’s exclusive exterior protection process not only reduces long term SCBA cylinder costs, but also extends the serviceDURA-LITE 15 life of the cylinder as compared to non DURA LITE 15™ cylinders.

 The DURA-LITE 15™ cylinder is constructed with enhanced fiberglass protection and a uniquely formulated, highly durable exterior coating. The external armor feature results which substantially improved impact and abrasion tolerance.

See the DURA-LITE 15 in action for yourself HERE.

About Structural Composites Industries

In 1976, Structural Composites Industries (SCI) became the world’s first producer of D.O.T.-approved composite cylinders for municipal, commercial, military, marine and aerospace applications.

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