San Benito (TX) Getting New Fire Equipment

City commissioners have approved buying $108,282 worth of fire safety equipment.

Fire Chief Raul Zuniga said the purchase will bring the department into compliance with the National Fire Protection Association.

“Their most recent compliance standards were published in 2013,” he said. “They are updated every five years.”

At the discounted price, the department will be able to purchase the latest Air-Pak from Heat Safety Equipment, the Texas distributor who won over San Benito with its bid.

Air-Pak is a breathing apparatus firefighter’s use to breathe in hazardous, smoke filled situations.

The new Air-Pak is able to contain a higher pressure of air while also making it more light weight.

In addition to carrying less weight, the new purchase also includes a Personal Alert Safety System device. PASS offers a real-time location, movement and oxygen tank pressure level sensor.

It will prevent fatalities and injuries and will now make sensing and locating a missing firefighter much easier in hazardous situations.

The department will enter into a finance agreement with Community Leasing Partners, a tax exempt leasing company that mainly services cities, counties, fire departments and school districts.

The original plan was to buy the equipment over the next four years but Zuniga said that would have cost more than $180,000.

According to the department budget, Zuniga said he will first make a down payment of $36,000, then three equal payments of $25,775.

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