Rotary Saw Cutting Technology

Cutters Edge has successfully developed a totally new cutting technology for rotary saws called the BULLET BLADE®. Unlike other carbide-tipped blades, the BULLET BLADE® uses Cutters Edge BULLET CHAIN® and is the only carbide blade that can be repaired and sharpened and used over and over again with the same blade core.

The new long-life BULLET BLADE® cuts a wide variety of materials – from roofs and wood to vehicles, thick metal and even CMU,  with low vibration and minimal spark generation. It is available in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes with an Arbor size to fit all brands of rotary saws.

For more information on the new BULLET BLADE® visit Cutters Edge Booth #3413 at FRI or contact Cutters Edge at:  1-800-433-3716 or

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