Roof Operations Safety Platform

The Roof Operations Safety Platform (R.O.S.) makes firefighting roof operations safer than it ever has been. This tool was developed by two career firefighters from Michigan with a combined 25 plus years of experience.

Whether you are performing vertical ventilation, chimney fire operations, or any other work that requires the use of a roof ladder, this platform provides a safe and solid place for your foot when you need to leave the safety of the ladder.

This is not just a step. It is an OSHA-compliant, working platform. It will provide the necessary support to every member of your department.

The R.O.S. is built to be a universal fit on any standard NFPA-compliant aluminum roof ladder. It stores securely on the ladder and deploys to the roof while attached to the ladder. No need to carry yet another tool to the roof.

The R.O.S. is a American-made, patent-pending product being manufactured and distributed by Practical Fire Equipment, LLC.

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