RollNRack Develops Power Roller XL

The Power Roller XL
The Power Roller XL

The firefighter-designed RollNRack Hose Management System has been expanded with the Power Roller XL to prevent injuries.

The portable, battery-operated Power Roller XL will drain and roll a 100-foot length of up to 7 1/4-inch large diameter hose (LDH) in just 35 seconds, according to the manufacturer.

Ultimate safety is achieved when rigs are stationary. With RollNRack Tools, the company said departments are able to comply with the National Fire Protection Association 1500 standard on occupational safety and health for loading large diameter hose – protecting firefighters while using fewer of them for the task.

Unlike some other LDH tools, the company said RollNRack does not drag hose to a rig, and it does not require firefighters to ride or stand in the rig bed while it is in motion. In addition, the company said, it does not require lifting of hose rolls.

The RollNRack System is customizable to a department’s needs. Non-motorized RollNRack XL units are available for use in tandem.

RollNRack tools are hand built in the United States and sold direct from the company. For information, go to

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