L-2 RIT Bag
The newest addition to our LiteSpeed™ Rescue Series. Simple, Fast and Durable. Made with our exclusive FR Iron-Cloth™ the L-2 sets a new standard for rescue bags. The L-2 is the same size, and has many of the same features as the L-1, but with one Big difference – pull the side zipper and the bag expands to allow the addition of a rope bag (sold separately, rope bag can hold up to 200′ of 9mm Kevlar line).

Our new ultra tough Fire Resistant Iron-Cloth™ combined with the Heat-Shield™ skid plate makes the L-2 the toughest bag on the market, top-to-bottom. The skid plate allows the bag to glide over the roughest surfaces and makes it extremely wear resistant during training evolutions. Innovative access-hatch design makes access to spare face piece and valve set quick and easy. For more information please call 800-873-5725 or visit

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