Retractable Mic Keeper® System

VENTURA, CA—The retractable Mic Keeper® system holds the lapel mic securely in the proper position to effectively operate the microphone when needed. When released after use, the mic will automatically retract to a secure position leaving the hands free to use other firefighting tools. The Mic Keeper’s retractable system increases firefighter safety by preventing lapel microphones from becoming dislodged and dangling, causing entanglement issues when firefighters have to step on or drag their mics.

The Mic Keeper is securely attached to a turnout coat or air pack harness with the supplied a stainless steel threaded pin (stud) that penetrates a mic tab, radio pocket, or webbing harness and threads into back of Mic Keeper. Built specifically for firefighter use, the retractable tether has a high temperature rating and is constructed with a nylon coated stainless steel cable, stainless steel spring, and hardware.

The model RT2-4022 Mic Keeper Pin Mount System allows the microphone to be securely extended for talking/listening, without the mic being dislodged or dropped or the need to reclip after use. When necessary, the Mic Keeper’s patented mounting system quickly and easily disconnects the microphone from the Mic Keeper.

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