Retractable Lanyard System

VENTURA, CA — The modularity of the Gear Keeper retractable lanyard system offers the flexibility to correctly and specifically match the tool, worker and application. The Gear Keeper Retractor is at the core of a product line using four different retractors from light to heavy duty. Each of the retractor mechanisms is engineered for retraction forces that are balanced for the weight of the tool being used. The result is effortless extension and retraction without arm strain or harmful “snap-back.” An employee can use a tool and then let it go as it safely returns to Gear Keeper’s secure tool position.
The Gear Keeper Modular Retractable Lanyard Systems allow users to fine tune lanyards for their own specific needs. Originally engineered for underwater use, the Gear Keeper Retractor is a rugged, tool attachment system. It is designed to utilize and protect tools, even in severe environments, with maximum break strength and durability.
Benefits and features include: lanyard lengths from 28 to 42 inches, patented self-flushing system (that clears sand and debris), salt-water-proof, withstands high-temperature environments, keeps tools close to the body thereby avoiding potential entanglement issues and a ratcheting gear that minimizes lanyard length and arm strain. There is also an array of mounting options for attaching the lanyard to the user.
The patented Quick Connect (Q/C and Q/C-II) tool attachment systems offer secure, fast and easy connection/disconnection of tools. Another significant feature of the Q/C systems is the ability to change out and use many tools with one lanyard. By fitting additional male connectors to all tools being used you can merely unclick one tool and attach another.
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