RELM Expands Digital Mobile Radio Line

RELM Wireless Corporation has expanded its digital mobile radio line with a 100-watt version of its highest-specification BK Radio DMH digital and GMH analog mobile units. The products are now available in 100-watt, 50-watt and 15-watt models, in both dash-mount and remote-mount configurations.

“Doubling the RF power of our high-spec BK Radio mobile radios can extend their range, improve their audio clarity and increase signal strength for certain situations and environments where these are critical factors for public safety and emergency response communications,” said David Storey, RELM’s president and chief executive officer. “Our BK Radio mobiles are compact and engineered for extremely efficient power consumption.”

Fully Compliant

The BK Radio DMH digital mobile unit is fully compliant with the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Project 25 (APCO P25) digital radio technical standard and therefore, interoperable with other P25-compliant equipment. It is also capable of multi-mode operation, communicating in either digital or analog mode.

The analog version is upgradeable to a P25-compliant digital radio at a later time.

APCO P25, which requires interoperability among compliant equipment regardless of the manufacturer, is approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The shift towards interoperability has gained momentum as a result of the recent communications failures during the Oklahoma City bombings, 9/11 attacks and most recently, Hurricane Katrina.  RELM was one of the first manufacturers to develop P25-compliant technology.

Six Decades Of Experience

For nearly six decades, RELM Wireless Corporation has manufactured and marketed high-specification two-way communications equipment for use by public safety professionals and government agencies, as well as radios for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including disaster recovery.

Revolutionary advances include new interoperable, low-cost digital two-way radios compliant with APCO Project 25 technical specifications. Products are manufactured and distributed worldwide under BK Radio, RELM/BK and RELM product lines.

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