Quick Step Anchor for Vertical Ventilation Operations

The Quick Step Anchor (QSA) is a device that has been designed to safely speed up vertical ventilation operations by providing firefighters with a sturdy platform that will take the place of the pickhead ax, trash hook, or haligan, which are often used as footholds for crews working on pitched roofs.

The Quick Step Anchor has been designed to free up the firefighter that was previously dedicated to securing the ax or haligan.

The Quick Step Anchor also incorporates an anchor point that allows the firefighter to anchor himself with a lanyard. In the event that he slips and falls, the firefighter is anchored to the QSA and the QSA is anchored to the roof, so his fall will be arrested by the attached lanyard.

The QSA weighs 11 pounds, is 18 inches long, 10 inches wid, and six inches deep. The QSA can be used on various thicknesses, angles, and types of roofs.

For more information visit www.quickstepanchor.com.

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