Product Release: LUMENCAM – Digital Video Flashlight


The LumenCam is a portable digital video recorder (DVR) integrated into a high quality, heavy-duty flashlight. DVR capabilities provide users with real-time audio and video recording with up to 4GB of internal memory with 640 x 480 resolution. 

This tactical flashlight delivers 1W of powerful, adjustable brightness, multi-function LED’s. 

Its long lasting rechargeable battery allows 3.5 hours of simultaneous audio/video and LED light operation. The compact housing is manufactured from super-strong machined aluminum, making the LumenCam~ sturdy and reliable. Certified to the IP65 waterproof standard.LumenCam 

The LumenCam is user-friendly, re-chargeable and easy to record and transfer video files. It is a must for law enforcement agencies, schools, hotels, pest control, construction, mining, maintenance, outdoor enthusiasts and businesses seeking unparalleled flexibility in their surveillance applications.

For more information visit us at or call 888-909-8760.

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