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JVCKENWOOD Corporation

JVCKENWOOD Corporation’s KWSA80K and KWSA50K LTE Handset Devices are ultra-rugged, extremely durable, submersion-resistant handsets with hardware and functional advancements designed for the hazardous and extreme conditions faced by enterprise and mission-critical users. Both models are 4G LTE/Wi-Fi/FirstNet Band 14 capable and feature KENWOOD audio for clear voice communications in noisy work environments. Comes with a three-year warranty. The Android-powered KWSA80K has an extra loud speaker and built-in noise cancellation and is compatible with a broad spectrum of accessories and apps. The Android-based KWSA50K (pictured) features an industrial grade, impact-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass display and an extra-large PTT button, making it easy to use wearing work gloves., 800-950-5005


Bullard’s ReTrak Fire Helmet Series offers emergency responders a fire helmet with an integrated visor engineered directly from feedback received from firefighters. The ReTrak design provides firefighters with key features including a simple, one-handed operation; an increased area of protection; and a comfort nose piece. In addition, ReTrak lets firefighters quickly remove the visor for cleaning and easily accommodates eyewear. Bullard’s ReTrak Series is available in traditional and modern fire helmet models., 877-285-5273


The Kussmaul Super Auto Eject Deluxe Cover incorporates the Auto Eject and Indicator in one package. Built for severe duty and designed to meet IP 65, the cover is sealed against the elements with a molded rubber gasket. The Deluxe Cover has a lid that opens 180 degrees, allowing the user easy access when plugging in the shoreline. It is available in Digital or Bar Graph display and designed and manufactured in the USA. It comes with a three-year warranty., 800-346-0857

Air Systems International

Air Systems International’s Air-KaddyModular Aluminum SCBA Cylinder Storage Racks feature a unique modular design that allows for expansion as needed to accommodate your SCBA storage requirements. Available in free standing (up to 40 cylinders) and vehicle style with a narrow profile (up to 24 cylinders). All racks are lined with nylon pads to prevent cylinder scratches and optional Thread Savers® are available., 800-866-8100

Ajax Rescue Tools

Ajax Rescue Tools is committed to offering excellent products that perform at the highest level, helping offer the rescue technician the best opportunity for a successful rescue or extrication. Its Confined Space Breaching Hammer Kit is designed to offer quick vertical or horizontal access through various grades of concrete and stone., 847-455-5420

Globe by MSA

Globe by MSA’s ATHLETIX features material technology that enables all-new athletic design with unique, stretch fabrics that allow closer, body-contoured fit to provide unprecedented range of motion with less bulk, more flexibility, and lighter weight. New PBI® STRETCH fabric with KEVLAR® allows closer, less bulky fit with unprecedented range of motion and more flexibility while providing premium thermal break open protection. New NOMEX® NANO thermal barrier material is thinner, lighter, more flexible, more breathable, and quicker drying. New 3M SCOTCHLITE COMFORT TRIM reflective material is segmented and heat-sealed to be lighter, more flexible, and breathable without sacrificing visibility.,

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Product News

3M Scott Fire & Safety V Series of thermal imaging cameras

3M Scott Fire & Safety V Series of thermal imaging cameras has debuted with the V320, a simple, lightweight, and tactical thermal imaging solution. The V320 has a high-resolution 320×240 sensor that allows firefighters to navigate through zero-visibility conditions. Lightweight at 2.2 pounds and durable, the V320 performs in extreme high-temperature environments with minimal maintenance. Additionally, the new V320 has a removable, rechargeable battery that offers up to eight hours of service. The V Series complements 3M Scott’s X Series of thermal imaging cameras, which includes the X380N. The X380N thermal imager provides image quality of 384×288 and advanced technology capabilities including 2,000°F dynamic range, tactical color, integrated laser pointer, and hot and cold spot tracker., 704-291-8300

FLIR Systems, Inc. DroneSense–FLIR Edition

FLIR Systems, Inc. DroneSense–FLIR Edition is a drone flight management software platform designed for public safety applications. FLIR announced a strategic investment in DroneSense, an Austin, Texas, based unmanned aircraft system (UAS) software platform maker, and this is the first product under that collaboration. DroneSense-FLIR Edition combines thermal and visual imaging processing with flight data planning and management capabilities across public safety organizations to help improve incident response. It streams FLIR thermal sensor data directly into the software, making it a single-source, fully integrated software platform for drones used in incident response applications such as fires, floods, missing persons search and rescue, disaster damage assessment, and more. It includes features such as autonomous flight control; live video streaming, both on-scene and off site; and drone asset and compliance management capabilities.

RAMFAN EX500 and EX520 fan models

RAMFAN EX500 and EX520 fan models will come equipped with four high-intensity LED lights, which will allow these fans to function during low-visibility and nighttime operations. The dimensions of the EX500 and EX520 models will remain the same. No loose accessories will be added, but the addition of 400 lumens of high-intensity flood lighting will make these two models more efficient. Also included is an on/off toggle integrated into the control panel, and the lighting and control panel meets IP66 degrees of ingress protection., 619-670-9590

David Clark’s Series 9900 wireless headset communication systems

David Clark’s Series 9900 wireless headset communication systems improve firefighter communications when crews are en route to and on the scene. Headsets are available in over-the-head and behind-the-head styles and provide comfort and reliable communications. Ideal for hands-free communication at the pump panel, aerial bucket applications, and more., 800-298-6235

Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) Multiple Extrication Tool Holder, Model QM-MEH-1, is a heavy-duty rotating platform capable of securing up to four extrication tools within a limited amount of compartment space. Adjustable mounting brackets accommodate most makes and models of cutter, spreader, and combination tool—both hydraulic and electric. A ram mount option can be swapped in by ordering Model QM-MEH-1-R. To operate, raise the center knob and rotate the “Lazy Susan” turntable to access the tool needed. The turntable will safely lock into place after each 90-degree rotation for quick and easy tool retrieval. A hook and thick rubber strap keep tools from shifting during transport., 800-711-FIRE


The FLIR K2 provides capability, ruggedness, and reliability at an affordable price. FLIR is on a mission to make high-quality thermal imaging cameras (TICs) standard-issue equipment, not just one TIC for every truck but for each crew member on it. The FLIR K2 is compact and easy to use even with gloved hands, so you can see through smoke to find victims faster. With dynamic thermal imaging, you can keep track of others, look out for hot gases, and determine attack efforts., 800-254-0630

Holmatro’s 6AH battery for its range of cordless Greenline EVO 3 rescue tools has 20 percent more capacity for a much longer run time of the tools. The electronics inside the battery pack have also been improved in terms of heat management and efficiency. This improvement results in a higher useful capacity, which also adds to the longer operation time of Holmatro EVO 3 tools. Increased capacity and longer duration make for an improved battery management system., 410-768-9662

Swissphone s.ONE Fleet module

Swissphone s.ONE Fleet module is an addition to its s.ONE software solution. This provides for fast updates and centralized management of pager data such as RIC addresses or keys. The pagers are programmed over TCP/IP via remote configuration. This avoids errors, reduces programming effort, and increases data security. s.ONE Fleet enables remote programming of classic POCSAG pagers as well as two-way capable terminals such as the RES.Q. The infrastructure required for this is extremely lean: A remote configuration client can be installed wherever Internet access is available—at base or in the field using a data stick. With s.ONE Fleet in a station, emergency personnel who need to update their pagers can now do so in less than a minute., 800-596-1914

Hale Products Flex Series Line of Pumps

Hale Products Flex Series Line of Pumps is part of its nonmanifolded pump line. This new line brings years of design and manufacturing experience together with innovation to create a heavy-duty pump and gearbox combination. It simplifies pump installation and flexibility to fire apparatus OEMs while enhancing overall durability and ease of service for end users. The Flex Series of pumps is now a standard offering for Hale’s CBP, AP, MBP, and RSD pumps with flows ranging from 250 to 1,500 gpm., 800-533-3569

Super Vac 18-inch variable-speed battery fan

Super Vac 18-inch variable-speed battery fan, equipped with dual DeWalt FLEXVOLT® batteries, allows the V18-BD fan to pair with more than 180 DeWalt, products, simplifying your battery purchases. Super Vac’s newest fan is available with dual 9-ah or 12-ah DeWalt FLEXVOLT batteries, and departments can equip the fan with optional 120- to 240-VAC shore power. The fan delivers 9,650 cfm and up to 45 minutes of run time at max airflow, depending on battery selection. The V18-BD is also being touted as one of the smallest and lightest battery fans in the industry, weighing in at 46 pounds with a 25.5- x 25- x 11-inch footprint. The fan also features a unique design that allows for 180-degree tilt for various attacks, allowing the PPV to be directed at attics or manholes or positioned for positive or negative ventilation., 800-525-5224