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Tempest Electric

Tempest Electric Special Operations Power Blower (SP VS) is powered by a 2.0-hp electric motor and controlled by Tempest’s latest variable-speed drive. The drive is both GFCI-compatible and NEMA 4 rated. Users only need two controls to operate the unit: an on/off switch and a 0 to 100 percent output rheostat knob. The SP VS produces laminar air flow (LAF). The laminar air pattern is useful in ventilation scenarios such as multistory high-rises, stairwells, commercial structures of greater than 5,000 square feet, and complex structures. With LAF’s tighter, more focused air output, it’s also capable of creating the door seal necessary for conducting PPV from a further setback. An increased setback helps to lower dB levels heard within the structure and frees up space near the point of egress., 800-346-2143


Continental ExpressWash™ washers and ExpressDry™ gear dryers properly clean and dry turnout gear and other protective apparel, helping protect wearers from the hazards of contaminated gear. Also available is the Special Ops gear dryer. It is equipped with 12 drying ports and four invertible stickmen to quickly and safely dry ensembles of full protective gear and apparatus used for firefighting and special operations, such as swift water, ice, and dive rescues. An optional boot tree dries up to four pairs of soaked boots in 60 minutes. The dryers use a 110-volt fan to push nonheated air through the garment-from the inside out-at high pressure. This effectively dries hard-to-reach areas that can be slow to dry, helping return gear to service in hours rather than days. Continental gear washers/dryers qualify for AFG grant dollars., 800-256-1073

DEUS Rescue's

DEUS Rescue’s DEUS X Class rescue harnesses are for use in professional escape and rescue scenarios. The harnesses have been engineered for firefighters as well as tactical and other emergency response personnel, yet serve as rescue harnesses for almost any industry where at-height rescue scenarios may be a concern. DEUS X Class harnesses include a convertible waistbelt (NFPA Class I) and seat harness (NFPA Class II) and a chest piece add-on to provide a full body harness (NFPA Class III). The entire line is engineered to be more comfortable, versatile, and practical as compared to traditional rescue harnesses. An optional tactical vest, which integrates with the X Class harness to provide a unified rescue vest-harness ensemble, will also be available. The tactical vest is constructed in the modular MOLLE webbing style and features a built-in hydration system., 866-405-3461

BullEx BullsEye

BullEx BullsEye™ laser-driven fire extinguisher training system uses self-generating digital flames to simulate class A, B, and C fires. It senses where the user aims and sweeps the laser training extinguisher and varies the flames in response. The new BullsEye system can recognize which type of extinguisher a trainee is using and will only respond to trainees’ actions if they have chosen correctly. Also, trainees must put the correct distance between themselves and the fire for the panel to respond. Instructors now have the option to control the BullsEye with an iPad. The tablet not only allows for full control of all the evolution’s aspects but also collects training data that can be exported to track trainees’ performance. Through WiFi connectivity, the BullsEye can work in conjunction with any BullEx smoke generator to produce an accurate amount of smoke for each fire scenario., 888-428-5539

Zico QUIC-MOUNT Spray Can Holder

Zico QUIC-MOUNT Spray Can Holder, Model QM-PMH-2, offers a heavy-duty steel and aluminum design to keep cylindrical cans up to 2¾ inches in diameter secured. The spraycan holder lowers the risk of rolling, denting, leaking, and puncturing. The bracket mounts to nearly any flat surface and is powder-coated yellow for durability and can protection. Hang the bracket from the compartment wall to save space on the shelf below., 800-711-FIRE

PMI® Extreme Pro

PMI® Extreme Pro™ static rope uses Unicore® technology to bond the sheath and core together, resulting in nearly zero slippage between them, even if the sheath is damaged. PMI® Extreme Pro™ has a polyester sheath and a nylon core that are bonded together to handle even a shock load from a toothed device such as a handled or chest ascender. In traditional kernmantle static ropes, when the sheath is damaged, it can completely fail and slip right off of the core of the rope. PMI® Extreme Pro™ allows one to ascend or descend around a damaged section of the sheath without worrying about the sheath slipping down the core of the rope., 800-282-ROPE

Icom America

Icom America F1000 Series compact portable radio features a built-in motion sensor, channel announcement function, secure conversation, loud audio, and rugged waterproof chassis. The radio is IP67-rated for waterproof and dust-tight protection. The radio’s slim casing can withstand submersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes and prevents the ingress of powder dust, sand, mud, and other debris. The waterproof battery pack provides 14 hours of typical operating time. The F1000 Series also meets MIL-STD 810 military specifications. The radio detects states of motion or nonmotion and can send an emergency signal accordingly. Additionally, the F1000 includes programmable “person-down” and “lone-worker” emergency functions. An alert is sent to coworkers or dispatch when the radio is left in a horizontal position or not operated for an extended period of time., 800-872-4266


Porter-Ferguson jacks offer rescue users several choices of powerful and rugged remote control manual or pneumatic hydraulic models. Each PF jack comprises several basic components: a hand- or air-powered hydraulic pump, a hydraulic hose, a quick-connect coupler, and a ram. There are five pump options: two-hand hydraulic pumps, the SM0033 Speed Midget™ pump, and the BU0483 Hydro-Chief™ pump, and three air-operated remote hydraulic pumps controlled by a hand/foot pedal-the PF1000, PF200, and PF3000. PSI ratings range from 7,000 to 10,000. All can be used with a variety of ram sizes and types. 800-456-9355


Nightstick MT-100 Mini-TAC flashlights measure no longer than 5.6 inches in total body length and have a maximum weight of only 5.2 ounces. These flashlights are extremely portable, yet each model features a CREE® LED and a deep parabolic reflector to create a tight beam with distance of up to 68 meters., 800-233-2155

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