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MagneGas® Corporation MagneTote™ family of cutting systems includes a cage and backpack. The aluminum cage securely holds two portable aluminum cylinders containing oxygen and MagneGas®. It also comes with a detachable torch, hose, and extra tips. Also from MagneGas is an emergency extraction package designed to be worn as a backpack holding all of the same equipment. The cage can unclasp and open for immediate access to the hose and torch, which allows for speedy setup and easy use. These compact and portable systems provide the user with up to an hour of cutting time. The systems were designed using end user input from the Fire Department of New York, the Clearwater (FL) Fire Department, and the Dunedin (FL) Fire Department., 727-934-3448

Performance Advantage Company

Performance Advantage Company (PAC) heavy rescue tool mounting kit supports, locates, and secures most rescue tools including cutters, spreaders, and combi tools. Kits pair PAC’s new 1035 Pocket with either of its K5020 Fast Lok or 1070 Jumbo Lok brackets, so extrication tools can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or angled. The kit offers heavy-duty construction, multiple mounting positions, and three strap colors., 888-514-0083

ASA Electronics

ASA Electronics seven-inch digital wireless observation system features WiSight™ technology, which helps to eliminate dangerous blind spots and visibility limitations often encountered while out on the road. This technology digitally locks the camera to the monitor, blocking all outside signals along with eliminating interference and noise typical of analog wireless systems. The WVOS713 also features a strong signal that transmits through and around objects up to 60 feet. This system supports up to three cameras-one wireless and two wired. The seven-inch screen provides viewers with a sharp, vivid picture of a vehicle’s surroundings, allowing the driver to safely perform many driving maneuvers such as reversing, merging, or changing lanes. The monitor also has a built-in speaker and convenient front controls for power on/off, brightness adjustment, and volume control., 877-305-0445


Wilcox updated kitting option for its Mini-Cutting Torch, the DOD-DHS kit, includes multiple bottles with everything needed to begin torching right out of the case. The DOD-DHS torch kit comes standard with 95Ci and 285Ci bottles but is modular and customizable with the ability to change out for any combination of bottles offered by Wilcox, making it versatile and adaptable to any mission requirements. The Mini-Cutting Torch uses fuel rods promoted by pure oxygen to cut through metal, concrete, and other materials. The Mini-Cutting Torch uses Wilcox’s HellBoy™ Torch Handle that allows the operator to precisely control the O2 flow using a thumb wheel control. The handle stays cool to the touch and has a trigger safety lock to prevent accidental operation. Several safety features are included on the Mini Cutting Torch including an O2 pressure relief valve, which protects the cylinder manifold, and an O2 Burst Disk, which prevents the cylinder itself from being overpressurized during charging., 603-431-1331

Sir Lancelot Armor Holy Grail screen protectors are available to first responders at a 25 percent discount. Made of tempered bulletproof glass, the Holy Grail is a durable screen protector for iPhones (including the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus), iPads, smartphones, and tablets. This proprietary glass blend is optimized for strength, clarity, and usability, making it a suitable way to protect mobile devices in the demanding environments and situations emergency responders find themselves in every day. The ultra-thin screen protector can be used with phone and tablet cases and covers and battery case chargers as well. Bundles for departmentwide use are available for even greater discounts based on volume.

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