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Zistos ExplorerSCOPE™

Zistos ExplorerSCOPE™ is a rapidly deployable search camera system that can be inserted through openings as small as 10 mm in diameter to look for victims following a collapse. The ExplorerSCOPE combines an internal laser light source coupled with electronically enhanced low-light video processing that can generate images of objects and individuals as far as 40 feet away in pitch darkness. A battery-powered, four-way articulated video system that features a semi-rigid flex-and-stay guide tube, it can maintain a horizontal position to span a gap when inserted into a void space., 631-434-1370


Streamlight® Inc. Argo® HAZ-LO®, the Septor® HAZ-LO®, and the Trident® HAZ-LO® headlamps are suitable for use in Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations. The Argo HAZ-LO headlamp features a white C4® LED with two output modes: high for maximum output with a long-range beam distance and eight hours of run time and low for extended run time (50 hours) and a less intense beam. The Septor HAZ-LO headlamp is suitable for detail work or for working at arm’s length. It uses seven 5-mm ultra-bright white LEDs to offer two operating modes: high, with a run time of eight hours, and low, with a run time of 50 hours. The multipurpose Trident HAZ-LO headlamp offers the broadest range of lighting applications, meeting lighting needs for both close-up and distance work. It features two lighting modes. On high, it uses a white C4 LED for bright light and strong beam distance and eight hours of run time. On low, it uses three 5-mm ultra-bright white LEDs for an extended 24-hour run time., 800-523-7488

FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems, Inc. FLIR ONE thermal imaging phone accessory is a value-added bonus with the purchase of a FLIR K40 or K50 thermal imaging camera (TIC) through the end of 2014. FLIR K-Series cameras are high-resolution thermal imagers, specifically designed for extreme heat and smoky conditions. Both the K40 and K50 offer a bright LCD display for visibility, simple operation, image storage, and easy toggling between five imaging modes to optimize sensitivity for higher or lower temperature ranges. The FLIR ONE is a lightweight accessory that transforms an iPhone 5 or 5s into a thermal imager that can detect and display invisible heat energy. Although the FLIR ONE is not designed to be used in extreme temperature environments, it can be helpful for scanning exteriors for hotspots during the overhaul phase, detecting heat signatures during outdoor rescue efforts, and as a fire prevention inspection tool., 877-773-3547

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions Inc. LEX L10 mission-critical handheld device features a new hardware and software platform that addresses the requirements of public safety personnel by providing greater durability, high-performance audio, and enhanced security features that are not available on consumer-grade smartphones. The LEX L10 device features Motorola Solutions’ Public Safety Experience (PSX) user interface that intelligently prioritizes information to only present what is the most critical for the responder based on the individual’s current status and activity. The device can be equipped with Motorola Solutions’ WAVE™ Work Group Communications solution for broadband interoperability with land mobile radio (LMR) systems, real-time video intelligence for two-way streaming of live video, PremierOne™ Handheld for access to incident data, and the Intelligent Data Portal for dynamic resource mapping. A suite of other specialized public safety applications includes scene documentation, tactical incident command, and custom field reports., 888-325-9336

Cummins Inc

Cummins Inc. QuickServe Online (QSOL) mobile app for Apple iOS devices provides easy, on-the-go access to Cummins part options, parts catalogs, and engine dataplate information for 15 million Cummins engine serial numbers (ESNs). It also includes a fault code analyzer for Cummins electronic engines, providing specific fault code details and analysis. The free QSOL mobile app is available globally for download in the Apple Store® by searching for “QuickServeMobile.” Users of the QSOL app are encouraged to send their feedback. QSOL is continually updated with the latest Cummins parts and service information, allowing mobile app users to find the right part number or fault code information 24/7/365., 800-343-7357

OPEN Incorporated SafetyPAD

OPEN Incorporated SafetyPAD® Suite of software products now features infectious disease screening and monitoring initiative to assist fire and emergency medical services identify potential infectious disease risks. Rapidly developed in response to the growing worldwide concerns of pandemic threats, the feature enables care providers to recognize infectious disease candidates and quickly share critical information automatically to receiving facilities, various departments, and community health staff. The SafetyPAD electronic patient care reporting system is used to assist with the diagnosis, care, treatment, and record keeping done by EMTs and paramedics on scene. Doing so will help spot early trends of a wide range of potential pandemic events. The technology initiative is in response to a continually growing concern by various agencies throughout the United States which may be on the front lines of such incidents., 888-415-1399

Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries® LED Lighting RDS-Series LED Grilles are for the Ford Raptor, Ford F-250/F-350, Ram 2500/3500, GMC 1500, and GMC 2500/3500 vehicles with the RDS-Series™ Radius Light Bar. The RDS-Series radius light bar’s advantage is to see farther down the road while the arc spreads more light to the sides. Every grille has no-weld, stainless steel construction with black polyester powder-coat and stainless steel hardware. The RDS-Series has also received the first and only patent for a curved LED light bar., 855-760-5337

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