Prescott (AZ) First Responders Increase COVID-19 Protocol

In recent weeks, all public safety entities in the Quad-Cities have introduced and expanded specific screening and response protocols for all emergency calls, reports The Daily Courier.

It starts with 911 dispatchers asking a series of questions to determine each caller’s potential for having the virus.

Prescott Fire Department (PFD) then decided to add an extra layer of vetting by assigning a 24-hour duty medic to each shift for as long as the virus poses a threat to the community. CAFMA followed suit a week later by devoting personnel to serve in the same capacity.

Each of these medics has a cellphone linked directly to dispatch. If dispatch receives a call for someone who answers yes to any of the initial screening questions, the call is transferred to the on-duty medic for triage. If the person sounds critical, a fire truck and ambulance are dispatched immediately prior to transferring the call.

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