Power and Light System

Introducing the 2-Headed XT LENTRY® Power and Light System by Ventry Solutions, Inc. For portable power and light, this system has two high output halogen lights on a single telescoping pole, a Honda EU2000i generator, and patented all-terrain LENTRY Legs.

The 2-Headed XT Polelight—meaning the lights and extra tall pole together—has only one cord, so one of the generator’s two outlets remains available for other tools. The two light heads have their own on/off switches so may be used one at a time or simultaneously. High-infrared 650W halogen bulbs, 25,000 lumens each, make each light head exceptionally bright, even by itself. Together, the lights produce 50,000 lumens while using only 1300 watts.

Each light head pivots far forward and back and rotates more than 400º. Both are fitted with heavy duty protective wire guards.

The 2-Headed XT LENTRY System stands about nine feet tall with the legs and polelight fully extended. The whole unit stands about 5 feet tall even without extending the polelight. The polelight disconnects from the rest of the LENTRY Unit with the turn of a knob and shortens to about 59 inches long for storage.

The legs on the LENTRY System also retract, tucking close to the generator and keeping storage dimensions minimal. Legs allow fast setup, and stable, ideal positioning on almost any terrain. Rough, steep, debris-covered ground will not hinder lighting efforts.

The Honda generator provides quiet, fuel-efficient operation and supplies reliable, computer-safe power. It is rated 1600 watts, 2000 watts maximum, and offers run-times of fire to more than eight hours with one or both lights on.

The 2-Headed XT LENTRY Polelight is manufactured by FRC for optimal use on LENTRY Systems and is available exclusively from Ventry Solutions, Inc. Polelights not sourced from Ventry Solutions, Inc. will have different hardware, vary in dimensions, design and overall construction, and will not match the specifications advertised.

For more information, visit www.ventry.com.

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