Portable Two-Way Radio Replacement Battery

Impact Power Technologies (IPT) Lithium Polymer Lifesaver Series™ batteries cover shift after shift without fail. Now, IPT has engineered a new two-way radio battery that delivers for more than 40 hours. More power means consistent communications and safer first responders, as well as competitive replacement costs and more savings overall.

The IPT proprietary Lithium Polymer chemistry and exclusive battery management system (BMS) makes the extended life possible. IPT has ramped up the milliamps capacity to 4,700, thereby increasing the power more than 30 percent. 

IPT guarantees:

  • 900 charging cycles
  • No memory effect for faster charging.
  • Long-lasting: Maintains 80 percent of rated capacity for two years
  • OEM charger compatibility
  • OEM warrantees remain in full force

For more information, visit www.impactpowertech.com.

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