Personal Escape Anchor

BOULDER, CO–DEUS Rescue, a provider of innovative vertical rescue solutions, announced its new Fire Escape Anchor developed specifically for use by firefighters and other emergency personnel in at-height escape and rescue scenarios.

The design and construction of the DEUS Fire Escape Anchor include the following:

  • The interior contour is lined with specially designed “teeth.” The teeth are rounded to protect hands and ropes while providing a firm grip on window frames, wall studs, pipes or other framework.
  • Weighing just 8.6 ounces, the new anchor is made from aluminum alloy, making it one of the strongest yet lightweight firefighter escape anchors available.
  • Extra connection points make this anchor versatile in nearly any rigging situation, such as window frame anchoring, wall breaching, girth hitching and more.
  • Third-party tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to the NFPA 1983 (12ED) “Escape” standard, the DEUS Fire Escape Anchor is compatible with the DEUS Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit and all NFPA-certified firefighter escape systems.

“DEUS knows the fire industry and is always innovating, bringing new solutions tailored specifically to its needs,” said Shain Rae, chief executive officer, DEUS Rescue. “When we designed this new Fire Escape Anchor, we went back to the drawing board, taking a hard look at what other solutions are missing and what firefighters truly need. This anchor is strong, yet won’t weigh firefighters down, and the specially designed grip-tight teeth provide the ultimate in safety.”

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