Park Hills MO Upgrading Fire Equipment

The Park Hills Fire Department has been awarded $42,750 through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant by FEMA Region 7 and the Department of Homeland Security to upgrade some of the department’s equipment.

“The grant will help purchase a new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) charging system and that will go into the firehouse and will allow our self-contained breathing apparatus to be charged to their full capacity,” said Norm Lucas, city of Park Hills economic director. “We have an old charging system in place now which actually went through the flood back in the old Elvins firehouse.”

“The compressor system just never really operated to optimum efficiency since the flood, so we’ve never been able to bring our SCBA up to full capacity for the firefighters to use while they’re on scene. The firefighters always had slightly less than a full charge of air.”

SCBA equipment helps provide breathable air in an unstable atmosphere for firefighters. A good example of unstable breathing conditions would be during a fire where there is a thick layer of smoke coming from the building. Firefighters depend on the SCBA to provide an adequate clean air supply for a certain amount of time.

According to Lucas, Park Hills firefighters will now have the capability to stay on task and have quality oxygen while fighting a fire for up to 45 minutes.

Park Hills Fire Chief Jackie Wagganer said he’s excited about the new equipment coming to the firehouse.

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