nVision Themal Imager from Avon Protection

The nVision from Avon Protection utilizes the latest technology advancements in thermal imaging sensors. These sensors provide greater thermal sensitivity, a higher detector saturation point, a wider operating temperature range, improved image update rate, and temperature colorization. Sensors are available in 160 x 120 for the nVision XT and 320 x 240 for the nVision XTP. The sensor has automatic gain/contrast control, highly integrated DSP-based image processing and uses Dynamic Electronic Integration (DEI) Mode to optimize image quality in high thermal energy scenes.

Taking into consideration the extremely harsh environment, the nVision is designed to withstand a 10 foot drop and remain operational. Along with being IP67 waterproof (with or without a battery in place), the nVision is vibration and RFI tested to assure peak performance. Flame retardant straps, bumpers, outer shells, and battery housings pass flame testing
similar to that required by SCBA standards.

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