North Myrtle Beach Acquires BullEx Attack™ Digital Firefighter Training System

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC—The North Myrtle Beach (SC) Department of Public Safety recently purchased the BullEx Attack™ Digital Firefighter Training System to expand its training capabilities and improve operations for oceanfront homes.

Prior to their purchase of the Attack, NMB was limited to training in only a few locations. Now, it can use the Attack to train in burn buildings and acquired structures where live-fire training isn’t possible. This will allow NMB to conduct training more often. Also, training can be varied to provide a more challenging and fruitful experience for firefighters and first responders.

The Attack Digital Firefighter Training System is the first digital system that is strong enough to be used with any standard hose line. It includes a waterproof panel with self-generating digital flames. The panel’s thermal sensors detect the application of water or other extinguishing agents and vary the flames in response. The flames will only diminish and extinguish if the proper technique is used. North Myrtle Beach’s Attack system also features wireless smoke integration, allowing them to create smoky conditions and a realistic training environment.

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