NJ City Agrees to Spend $450K on New Air Packs for Fire Companies

The Burlington City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to buy 56 air packs for the city’s fire companies, but some did so begrudgingly.

Councilman Thomas Swan said that while he believes the equipment is necessary, he would have preferred to replace it over time instead of all at once.

The cost of the air packs is $450,000.

The council had introduced a bond ordinance to fund the purchase of the air packs to replace the old ones, which officials said are nearing the end of their lifespan.

At its July 7 meeting, the council said it would vote in favor of the additional debt, but expressed disappointment that the municipality did not begin replacing the packs years ago.

Councilman Barry Conaway said he too would have preferred paying for the air packs in phases. He also stressed that the local firefighters are all volunteers.

For more information, view burlingtoncountytimes.com

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