NightStick Helmet-Mounted Multifunctional Dual Light

The light is constructed from ADC12 aluminum alloy and has a powerful, front-facing 220-lumen beam capable of extending to 183 meters (600 feet). Meeting all NFPA 1971-8.6 requirements, it is equipped with NightStick’s Dual-Light technology: The front-facing light has settings of 30 or 100 lumens, whereas the bottom-facing floodlight has settings of 50 or 100 lumens.

Illuminating nearby objects, reading gauges, or performing work within an arm’s reach are all possible thanks to the helmet light’s user-selectable-brightness floodlight. The light is compatible with virtually all types of helmets and hardhats, and it can be mounted on the brims of either side of most helmets.

Additional features include:

  • “Survival” mode offers 15 lumens for 60-plus hours in case of emergencies.
  • Features CREE LED technology that offers 50,000-plus hours of light.
  • A rear-facing, green safety LED.
  • Dual-button switch. 
  • Waterproof, impact, and chemical resistant.
  • Serialized to ensure personal identification.
  • Two CR-123 batteries are included and supply its power source. 

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