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MSA’s ALTAIR single-gas detector is designed to give the user two years of maintenance free service with no sensors or batteries to change.

PITTSBURG, Pa. – MSA has released a new single-gas detector called ALTAIR which measure toxic gas and oxygen in ambient air.

According to the makers, the innovative detectors can operate for over two years, depending on the alarm minutes used, and are maintenance free.

The ALTAIR detector offers superior dust and water protection, are protected against radio frequency interference and have a triple alarm system incorporating two bright LEDs and a piercing audible alarm with a standard vibrating alarm to help insure no alarm condition goes unnoticed.

Detectors that monitor oxygen offer fast response times and will display numeric concentration readings with a single button press, according to MSA.

With sensor options for CO, H2S or O2, the ALTAIR single-gas detector will provide maintenance free performance and stand up to the roughest handling in tough environments, according to the maker.

Its rubberized armor housing and one-button operation provide durability and ease of use. The factory-calibrated detector provides two years, or 18 hours of alarm minutes of service life with no sensors or battery changes needed.

The unit also has a built-in gas delivery adapter eliminating the easy-to-misplace accessories to conduct gas response tests. The ALTAIR detector units will not deactivate after two years of operation, but will continue to deliver performance as long as battery capacity and sensor performance allows.

The unit allows for a simple bump check with a single button press which will confirm the gas test, recorded and displayed on screen as a checkmark for 24 hours. The checkmark is confirmation of not only an electronic circuit check but also of sensor response.

While it is only necessary to do a bump test to ensure proper sensor response, the ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector offers a built-in calibration feature, allowing calibration of the instrument as required by some users, according to MSA.

The long-life lithium battery offers significantly more capacity than its closest competitor and will far outlast the two minutes of alarm mode per day standard.

Patented, MSA-built Button Toxic Gas Sensors feature stainless steel construction and contain solid electrolyte, virtually eliminating the possibility of sensor leakage. These toxic gas sensors provide stability for the service life of the unit. The ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector oxygen version accommodates the industry-standard fast responding 20 Series oxygen sensor and is UL, cUL, ATEX and Australian standards approved.

The ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector will record the 25 latest alarm events automatically, offering a great tool for assessment of alarm conditions; just connect it to the MSA InfraRed adapter using the standard, built-in IR communication.

Alarm set points can be adjusted manually prior to the unit’s activation, or through the IR link after activation.

The detector is delivered with a suspension clip so it can be worn anywhere in the breathing area, on a helmet, on a belt and many other places, according to MSA. The clip is designed to stay attached during the roughest use.

An easy-to-read display permits users to numerically count down service life, alarm conditions, set points, peak reading and hours in alarm since activation.

The display on the O2 version helps the user to identify the current level as well as its highest and lowest readings at a glance. Users can perform a fresh-air setup and reset the peak reading with the touch of a button.

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