MSA Orion Plus Incorporates IR Sensors

MSA's Orion Plus uses infrared (IR) and toxic sensors to read environments with challenging conditions.</
MSA’s Orion Pplus uses infrared (IR) and toxic sensors to read environments with challenging conditions.

The MSA Orion Pplus detector keeps firefighters and first responders safe by combining the features of the company’s Orion Multigas detector features with a range of infrared (IR) and toxic sensor options.

MSA’s Pplus detector delivers stable readings in environments with challenging temperature and humidity effects, according to the maker.

The detector also offers standard data logging, internal pump,  and rechargeable NiMH or disposable alkaline battery packs, plus easy one-hand operation and a compact, robust design.

MSA’s 20L catalytic combustion sensors are “best in class” silicon-resistant, and will reliably detect up to 100 percent lower explosive limit (LEL).

Available toxic sensors include ammonia, chlorine and many others choices to suit virtually all applications. Simply choose an IR sensor, add two toxic sensors and finish the unit with an oxygen and an LEL sensor.

According to MSA, the detector is best suited for use in hazardous conditions, combustible atmospheres, and confined spaces to detect leaks, oxygen deficiencies, fire and other toxic atmospheres.

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