MSA Brings Newest Evolution of G1 SCBA to FDIC International 2015


by Chris Mc Loone

MSA brought its G1 SCBA to market at FDIC 2014 and reports that it received an overwhelming response from the field. The company invites FDIC International 2015 attendees to compare the G1 with their SCBA expectations. “We promise you you’ll be surprised—and excited—about what the future holds,” says says Samantha D’Uva, communications manager at MSA. “Our all-new SCBA platform includes several revolutionary patent-pending features, including the elimination of all electronic components from the facepiece; a ‘Central Power’ feature that powers the entire unit from a single battery compartment; darkness- and smoke-piercing ‘buddy lights’ that provide visible indicators of critical air supply data from any angle; and improved voice amplification communications—all of which come standard on every MSA G1 SCBA.” According to D’Uva, the company’s mission when designing the G1 was “to design and develop the most advanced, intelligent, and user-friendly breathing apparatus the fire service has ever seen.” She adds that although the G1 has been the single largest development effort in MSA’s history, it is also committed to raising the bar on the future of firefighting technology. “While the G1 SCBA will be the start of the show, this year we’ll also be showcasing some of our latest plans for next-generation firefighting technology—which will all be built into the G1,” D’Uva says.

On the show floor, D’Uva says she expects to see continual advancement of technology to improve firefighter safety. “But in addition to protecting those who protect us,” she says, “we’re expecting to see continual advancements in ease of use and efficiencies.” She adds, “One of the great things about FDIC is that it provides endless opportunities for product research, relationship building, and networking. Attending FDIC is impressive, because the latest innovations in fire fighter safety are all at your fingertips.”

In addition to its exhibit, MSA will be the official TIC sponsor of the show and the official SCBA sponsor of the second annual BullEx Heat event. In addition, MSA will host its Brotherhood Block Party at the intersection of S. Capitol Ave. and W. Georgia Street. “We hope you’ll join us for a chance to win a Cairns helmet or an Evolution 6000 thermal imaging camera,” she says. More information is available at

D’Uva says that MSA’s goal is to develop and provide firefighters with the most advanced safety equipment that helps protect them when their lives are on the line. The company’s relationship with FDIC is important to achieving this goal. “Having a presence at FDIC allows us to come face to face with those that put their trust in us every day,” she says. “All of us at MSA truly love what we do—and we love FDIC! From the camaraderie to the sharing of best practices and training techniques, to uncovering the latest in life-saving technology, we look forward to this show—and this opportunity—every year.

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