Mooney Mooney Fire Equipment Stolen

On the eve of the bushfire season, the Rural Fire Service at Mooney Mooney on the Central Coast is facing an unexpected challenge.

The station has had $16,000 worth of fire fighting equipment stolen from its storage container.

“They’ve cut through the padlock using some sort of cutting tool and opened the doors and pretty much helped themselves,” explained Brigade Captain Neil Outridge

Items stolen included three Honda GX160 and one Honda GX150 portable pumps, fire fighting hoses and nozzles and other petrol operated equipment.

The motive remains a mystery.

“Pumps and hoses – I mean if you need to pump water from one place to another, and they’re good quality pumps and hoses, and transfer large volumes of water, so obviously the thieves had a need to move volumes of water in an area where there’s limited access to electricity,” said Captain Outridge.

The equipment is vital for the river communities on the Hawkesbury River, and the theft potentially puts lives at risk.

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