Monroe (LA) Fire Department Awarded FEMA Grant

The fire department plans to ask the city council to accept a grant for new protective gear and accept a bid for the purchase of updated rescue equipment for the newest unit. Officials say, if approved, these resolutions would help residents and first responders.

MFD Administrative Assistant Bronson Moss, who wrote the grant application, says, “It can go from brand new to not safe anymore just from normal wear and tear before we even get to any kind of end of life date.” 

The equipment for one person cost the Monroe Fire Department about 1700 to 1800 dollars. A new grant from FEMA is helping them restock the gear lockers.

A 107,000 dollar FEMA grant would allow the fire department to buy new protective clothing for about 60 firefighters out in the field.

Fire Chief Terry Williams says, “We have 185 firefighters out in the field actually fighting fires, so we have to outfit 185 people. You do the math, that’s a lot of money.”

The fire department is also looking to buy rescue equipment, such as the jaws of life, for a new rescue truck. It would cost about 40,000 dollars and come out of their budget.

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