Mini Cutting Torch Systems

Newington, NH—Wilcox Industries, manufacturer of tactical equipment, introduces its new line of mini cutting torch systems that are compact but able to meet a variety of breaching mission requirements.

The system allows the breacher to melt or burn through objects including concrete and rebar to gain entry to secured or confined spaces and uses various length torching rods to create an exothermic burn. A flow valve adjuster on the tip of the cylinder valve allows the O2 flow to be adjusted and a green hose conforms to DOT color coding standards required for all oxygen products.

The system uses the HellBoy torch handle that features a locking trigger assembly that prevents accidental ignition when dropped and can accommodate ¼- and ⅜-inch rods. Quick disconnect attachments on the cylinder and torch handle allow the hose to be quickly disassembled, and a hook-and-loop carry pouch allows the operator to safely stow the torch handle when not in use.  

The cylinder of the systems features a valve that allows the operator to secure the cylinder when not in use and a safety feature that allows the valve to rupture, releasing O2 from the cylinder in the event that it becomes over pressurized. A pressure relief valve releases the O2 in the event that the second stage regulator becomes over pressurized. The cylinder is made of a lightweight composite that can store up to 3,000 psi of oxygen and features a pressure gauge that displays cylinder pressure in 1,000-psi increments.  

A waist attachment carry pouch provides for secure attachment and features a removable strap. The cylinder is secured into the pouch with a locking draw string.

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