Mexican Departments Receive Donation Of Hurst Rescue Toolsve

Hurst, inventor and manufacturer of the Jaws of Life, donated over 115 rescue tools worth more than $130,000 to Mexican fire departments in August.

Firefighters Crossing Borders is the nonprofit charity collecting and delivering the goods, and more help is needed, the organization said. An additional $51,500 in power units was donated by Hurst’s Latin American distributor in Mexico, Importada Fabregat, S.A.

Firefighters Crossing Borders will take some of the sets to train with departments in Mexico. The remaining tools will be placed in kits and distributed to departments by Importada Fabregat.

Hurst conducted a trade-in program at the end of 2008 where U.S. and Canadian fire departments could trade in legacy tools for cash with the purchase of a similar item. The company received more than 115 tools, but some were scrapped for safety reasons and spare parts. Usable rebate tools were serviced and tested before being put into crates for shipment. 

“Every fire and rescue department here would love a Hurst system, but the financing is not there,” said Enrique Fabregat, director general of Importada Fabregat.

Hurst Vice President and General Manager Bill Simmons said, “We are fortunate to have received such cooperation from our Mexican partners and the charity.”

Firefighters Crossing Borders is a Pacific Northwest-based charity that trains rescue professionals in Mexico. “One of our main needs has been tools and money to ship these tools to Mexico,” said Joel Schwarz, executive director. 

In addition to cash, the organization said it needs used hoses and power units to help make complete sets with the tools they received from Hurst. Parties interested in contributing to the effort may do so on the charity’s Web site at

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