McAlester (OK) Commissioners Open Bids for Fire Equipment

Firefighters with the Highway No. 9 Volunteer Fire Department are a step closer to wearing more fire protection the next time they have to enter a burning house, barn or other building.

County commissioners opened a submitted bid Monday for the purchase of 15 sets of structural firefighting jackets and trousers for the Highway 9 fire department.

Casco Industries submitted the sole bid of $926 each for the firefighting jackets for a total of $13,890. The company also submitted a bid of $663 each for the firefighting trousers for a $9,945 total. Bids for both the jackets and the trousers came to $23,835.

James Kuykendall of Casco Industries attended the meeting, but District 2 Commissioner Kevin Smith told him that although the commissioners opened the sealed bid, it will still have to be approved by the Highway 9 Fire Department before it is officially accepted.

Choate said he’s already been appointed purchasing agent by the fire department’s board and the board had already approved the specifications included when the bid request was submitted, so he can sign off on the bid as soon as he’s satisfied all of the specifications for the structural firefighting jackets and trousers have been met.

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