Mayville (WI) Fire Gear Purchase Approved

The Mayville (WI) council approved a $32,000 fund transfer for the fire department to upgrade its equipment.

Mayville Firefighters applauded the decision; they are happy that they will all have compliant turnout gear and hoses. The $32,000 is coming from an excess in the capital improvements fund.

In equipment discussions, Alderwoman Kathy Sertich raised the question of gear turnover, voicing concern that keeping up is tough for smaller municipalities.

“What happens with that turnout gear that was custom made for this individual,” she asked “How does that get utilized for another member?”

Fire Chief Brad Marx explained that most of the fire department members are younger men that are all close to the same size making it easier to transfer gear from one member to the next.

The fire department has an audit with the state coming up April 8, and new, fitted gear takes two months to arrive, however Marx believes that the effort made toward becoming compliant will give them some breathing room with the audit.

“As long as this stuff is on order we are going to be much more compliant than we are right now,” Marx said.

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