Maury County (TN) Needs New Fire Equipment

The Maury County Fire Department is in dire need of some vital new equipment — air tanks.

“It is an extremely important device and it is an essential service to the county,” said Maury County Commissioner Eric Previti.

After 10 years, though, an air tank’s warranty runs out. That’s what has happened to many of the devices at the Maury County Fire Department.

In 2015, the department asked the county for $88,000 as part of a five year structured plan.

They were given half of that amount and told to come back in a year to ask for the rest. If the county agrees this year, the funding will be used to replace outdated air tanks.

Commissioner Previti supports the budget increase.

“These are volunteers. These are guys that give their days and say, ‘Hey, I will come to your house and if you have a loved one trapped in there, I’ll go in and get them, But, I need this air tank to do it so I can survive myself,'” said Commissioner Previti. “We owe it to them, the equipment they need to do the job that they are volunteering to do.”

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The department has 30 air tanks that have passed their service life and a total of 50 will hit the limit within the next five years.


The Maury County Commission will vote on the issue during its meeting Tuesday night.

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