Maryland Man with Revoked License Serviced Fire Equipment

An Elkton (MD) man has been charged after state authorities say he serviced fire safety equipment after his license was revoked.

Thomas G. Williams, 61, of Ambleside Drive, who owns Total Resource Fire and Safety, was charged with two counts of violating a Fire Prevention Title/Regulation, acting as a contractor without a license and theft under $1,000. If convicted, he faces fines and up to two years in prison.

His licenses were revoked in October 2013 after a month-long investigation of a business owner’s complaint revealed poor workmanship, violation of National Fire Protection Association codes and failure to follow industry standards, Senior Deputy State Fire Marshal Oliver J. Alkire said.

A fire safety investigator inspecting a restaurant noticed that Williams had serviced the site’s fire extinguishers and done maintenance on its grill extinguishing system on June 2, Alkire said.

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