Lookout Mountain (TN) to Purchase Fire Equipment

Lookout Mountain (TN) needs to replace air cylinders and air packs which make up breathing systems which will soon be out of date. The update is needed to stay compliant with OSHA requirements.

Money to replace the equipment is not included in the current budget but is available, said Dwight Montague, town consultant.

“We knew it was coming,” said Chief Randy Bowden, but last year it was put off in deference to buying equipment needed by the Public Works department.

The cost of the air bottles is $5,408, which will be good for 10 years. Replacement of the air packs, which have a 15-year life expectancy, will cost $28,000.

Also, the commissioners approved spending $22,490 for a new air compressor which is used to refill the canisters. Mr. Montague told the commissioners there is no reason to delay the purchase until the next budget.

This new equipment will ensure that the town maintains a rating of 4, which keeps insurance premiums down.

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