Dispatch Mapping for the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System

GOLDEN, CO—Locution Systems, Inc., provider of the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System for fire and EMS departments, has introduced new mapping applications for in-station mapping, smartphones, and tablets.

PrimeAlert® Responder is a mapping application for fire stations that runs on monitors positioned in central areas of the fire station. When dispatches arrive at the fire station, PrimeAlert® Responder displays at-a-glance dispatch information with a map on the right side of the screen showing the location of the emergency, and with dispatch information and street view on the left side. This allows responders to get a fast-track view of where they’re going while they’re heading toward the apparatus bay.

PrimeAlert® Responder On-The-Go is an interactive mobile app for smartphones and tablets that provides dispatching and mapping information in an intuitive, natural manner, showing smooth transitions from prior dispatch to new dispatch as the dispatch comes in. Single-touch options include transition between map and satellite imagery, one-touch zoom-in/out, street view image, and location directions. The swiping capability allows emergency personnel to intuitively review all dispatches of the day or after their shift. Individual dispatches can be selected and selectively filtered at a later date. The displays of PrimeAlert® Responder and PrimeAlert® Responder On-The-Go stay in sync as they transition from dispatch to dispatch.

These fire station alerting mapping apps are only available as part of the PrimeAlert® fire station alerting system. PrimeAlert® Responder is normally tied to the PrimeAlert® fire station PC. PrimeAlert® Responder On-The-Go runs on Android and iPhones, as well as tablets and iPads. Software levels required to run PrimeAlert® dispatch mapping are: iOS 9 and above, and Android 4.4 and higher.

“Initial fire station alerting technology has primarily been focused on faster response times and better firefighter environments,” says Glenn Neal, Locution Systems president and founder. “These new mapping and display applications, both mobile and in-station, help meet the demand we’re seeing for additional data; data that better informs personnel from station to incident.”

PrimeAlert® Responder Highlights

  • Runs on industry-standard TV monitors in fire stations
  • Tied to PrimeAlert® fire station alerting system
  • Displays dispatch information and location of the emergency via satellite or mapping format

PrimeAlert® Responder On-The-Go Highlights

  • Runs on smartphones (iPhone & Android), as well as tablets (iPads & Android-based tablets)
  • Highly interactive
  • Ties into all standard driving direction apps (Google Maps, Apple Maps, others)
  • Displays full dispatch information (incident, address, landmark, incident number, and notes typed into the CAD by the dispatcher)
  • Provides ability to save specific dispatches (allows for review of dispatches after the emergency)

Mobile station alerting apps are helpful for a variety of scenarios and responders, including:

  • New recruits, or newly transferred responders, at paid fire-EMS departments (New recruits and newly transferred responders may not yet know the area or the landmarks. The smartphone app shows where the incident is located as well as providing single-key access to the smartphone/tablet’s driving direction app which generates detailed directions to the incident.)
  • Volunteers (Strong solution to dispatch all volunteers and wait for them to acknowledge with “Responding” or “Not Responding.”)
  • Paid personnel (Personnel can easily and intuitively review the events of the day, for either reporting or the marking and documenting of important locations.)

For more information, visit www.locution.com.

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