Leak and Rupture Sealer

First responders, hazmat teams and spill response professionals, for several years have had to deal with wooden bungs, putties, and other products to stop leaks. There is now a new patent-pending technology designed specifically to stop leaks.

The RuptureSeal™ is a handheld device that is inserted into the rupture and seals the leak in seconds. The RuptureSeal consists of a steel pin inserted into the tip of a nylon locking tie. The tie goes through a semispherical ball of specially formulated silicone that sits in a nylon cap. The locking mechanism is incorporated into the cap.

At the other end of the tie is a “T” handle. The RuptureSeal is easy to use. With one hand, a firefighter flips the pin from the perpendicular position so that it is parallel to the tie and then inserts it into the rupture. With the other hand, the firefighter holds the plug into the rupture. Now with his free hand, he pulls on the handle until the clicking stops. The silicone is compressed into the rupture and takes the shape of the rupture whether it is smooth or uneven.

The RuptureSeal’s inventor is a former Canadian police officer and volunteer firefighter who responded to a tanker accident leaking diesel fuel. The police or fire department had nothing to stop the leak. The department of environment arrived 1.5 hours later plugged it with putty and a piece of plywood that was propped in place with a shovel. Fifteen years later he realized that leak sealing technology had not advanced since this accident. He invented the RuptureSeal to meet the specific needs of the first responders.

RuptureSeal kits are sold in sets of three: a one-, a two-, and a two-by-six-inch version for fork lift ruptures and tank gashes.

For more information, visit www.ruptureseal.com.

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