Lancaster City Fire Foundation Raising Money for Radios, Equipment

The Lancaster City Fire Foundation announced its 2015 capital campaign fund drive to raise $300,000 for buying new radios and other equipment for the fire bureau.

New radios are needed because of the recently-completed county emergency radio system overhaul. Switching to the new system is expected in the first quarter of the year.

“The new multi-channel radio system will allow us to communicate within the department, as well as with other agencies such as police and emergency crews on scene,” Tim Gregg, Lancaster’s fire chief, said in a news release from the foundation announcing the campaign. 

“It’s my goal, with the support of the Fire Foundation, to ensure that each of our firefighters and command vehicles is equipped with a new radio,” he said.

The city has 65 firefighters and radios are expected to cost about $3,500 each. When county officials approved the new emergency radio system, they did so with the understanding police and fire departments would buy their own radios.

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