Kochek Products Selected for Nuclear Energy’s FLEX Emergency Response Program

Putnam, CT—Kochek Company, Connecticut-based manufacturer of water-flow products and fire connections, has been exclusively selected by the United States nuclear industry to supply water-movement products for the Strategic Alliance for FLEX Emergency Response (SAFER) program, a comprehensive response strategy that provides an added layer of safety developed for U.S. nuclear energy sites following the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. By means of staging and storing equipment at regional response centers located in Arizona and Tennessee, the FLEX safety strategy provides a multifaceted network of portable back-up safety systems that can maintain power and cooling in the unlikely event of an emergency, regardless of cause.

Equipment stored at the response centers includes portable backup generators, pumps, standardized couplings, strainers, and hoses. Each center maintains full sets of backup equipment ready to be moved within 24 hours to any United States nuclear power plant using ground and air transport. Durable, high-quality water-movement products are essential to the restoration of key safety functions in the unlikely event that other emergency systems are unavailable.

David Matthews, Kochek’s director of marketing, says that his company is very proud to have earned the FLEX supply contract. “Our extensive water-movement product line and its unsurpassed performance in the field made the difference,” he says. Products stored at the response centers will be routinely tested for operability.

For more information, visit www.kochek.com.


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