Kochek Introduces New Series of Handline Nozzles

Putnam, CT—Kochek recently launched a new series of handline nozzles. Built with increased reach in the straight stream position and less friction loss through the nozzle for better stream conversion, Kochek’s new nozzle series offers firefighters an affordable, user-friendly, and highly effective firefighting weapon.

Firefighter/EMS Lieutenant Amanda DeTorio recently tested Kochek’s new series of handline nozzles at a training in Putnam, Connecticut. “The amount of protection [they] offered me was absolutely incredible” she says. “I really liked using these…not only are they lightweight and easy to operate, they are also smooth, highly efficient and reliably consistent.” DeTorio tested each nozzle and was quick to identify her top choice. “I liked the Patriot model the best,” she said, “because the fog stream opened up very wide and formed a nice wall between me and the stream, which is great for ventilation and protection if we’re in a fire.”

Kochek’s new firefighting nozzles are more uniform and come with improved fog and smaller water drops.

Chief Mark Bosse from Poland (ME) Fire and Rescue was also a fan of Kochek’s new nozzles. According to Bosse, “Kochek’s new Patriot and Defender adjustable nozzles felt really good. The handles and smooth bore fog patterns felt really great in the hands of our firefighters.”

The Defender Automatic offers a wide range of variable flows and is available in 1½-and 2½-inch versions and in three models. The automated system ensures a strong operating pressure and constant gallonage in all positions. Each model offers flow ranges of 15 to 210 gpm. Lightweight, hard-coated and built to last, the Defender Automatic nozzle features a durable polymer shutoff handle and two-part rubber bumpers for maximum protection and easier gripping.

The Defender Constant is a heavy-duty, professional, constant-gallonage nozzle. Yielding constant gallonage in all positions, this model is ideal for use with foam eductors and tubes and is available in one-, 1½- and 2½-inch versions and in four models. Its flush position is capable of flushing without shutting down. Lightweight, hard-coated, and durable, the Defender Constant is built with extruded aluminum and also features two-part rubber bumpers for maximum protection and easier gripping.

The Defender Select offers many of the same features, specs, and functionalities as the Constant and Automatic. A high-performance nozzle with multiple constant-gallonage flows, this nozzle is available in one-, 1½-, 2½-inch sizes.

Intentionally designed without spinning teeth for ease of use and maintenance, the Patriot Series is available in a 1½-inch size and in four models. Built to last, the Patriot Series is designed in accordance with all NFPA requirements.

President and CEO of Kochek, Dan Olm, said “We are excited to introduce the Patriot and Defender…the feedback we’ve received so far reflects well on the quality, efficacy and craftsmanship of these new nozzles. We are proud to say that Kochek products are now able to move water fast from the water source right to the fire.”

For more information, visit www.kochek.com/nozzles.


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