Kochek Line of Six-inch Strainers

PUTNAM, CT—Kochek Company manufacturers high-quality water flow products and fire connections and now offers an extensive line of big water strainers suitable for maximum flow applications in the firefighting, power, irrigation, facilities and industrial fire protection markets. The company provides ice strainers, self-leveling floating strainers, barrel strainers, low-level strainers, and barrel bottom guard strainers in six-inch sizes recommended for pumps of 1,500- to 2,0000gpm capacity.

Kochek‘s strainers are compact and constructed of lightweight aluminum yet are durable to withstand harsh weather conditions while delivering maximum water flow. They come in sizes from 1½ to six inches, and many are available with Kochek’s exclusive Quantum™ anodized hardcoat in a range of colors. They are available in threaded, Storz, and camlock connections.  

For more information, visit www.kochek.com.

Kochek Hose & Accessories
From PVC Suction to LDH Supply, Attack and Booster hose, Kochek offers the finest products in the industry.

Gain Access To Hose Specs Learn why Kochek hose is the best choice Lock into the features most important to your department:

  • Construction properties
  • Performance properties
  • Testing
  • NFPA compliances
  • Color options
  • Coupling options & more!

With so many options, types, and manufacturing processes for hose, it pays to lock in features that matter most to your firefighting theory and environment. When writing specifications for the hose your department will accept for it’s next purchase, be sure to include verbiage from the specification that addresses all of your performance and durability concerns. Learn more here! Make sure your connections move smoothly by using ST2. Check out the ST2 video here!

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