Kochek Expands Storz Hydrant Converters with Two New Cap Models

Kochek Company offers storz hydrant converters in two new models that expand options and efficiencies for fire fighting personnel in addition to its existing line of storz styles.  Kochek engineers have designed a dedicated groove to the low profile pentagon nut and button style caps for more dynamic cable and chain retention as well as expanding the caps’ coating and color options.  The assembly features Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 forged extrusions and stainless steel aircraft cable with a stainless steel eyelet end.  The head has a ½” relief machined cut around the outside creating a recess for the insertion of highly visible reflective tape.  Color options are available in several different finishes: Powder Coat, Quantum®  and Mircalox® hardcoat anodizing that is compliant with industry specifications.  All components of both the nut cap and standard models meet or exceed NFPA specifications.  

Kochek’s hydrant conversion product line specifically addresses the goal of accelerating response times in critical situations by addressing interoperability.  Replacing existing threaded steamer ports on a fire hydrant to a storz converter reduces the connection time and allows water to be supplied faster to the scene.  Kochek’s four styles of storz hydrant converters give a fire district more options for universally maintaining their water supply.

More information about Kochek’s complete line of storz hydrant conversion products may be found by visiting the company’s website at www.kochek.com where an informative Storz Hydrant Converter Selection Guide is available for downloading.


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