Kochek® Blue Streak Water Hose on Duty at Fire Stations

PUTNAM, CT—Kochek Company, manufacturer of water flow products and fire connections made in the USA, reports success in its introduction of the company’s Blue Streak brand commercial-grade water hose and related product for use at fire stations.  

Durable and economical, the hose is suitable for fire stations, trucks, and bays along with outdoor maintenance. Blue Streak is a heavy duty hose available in ⅝- or ¾-inch diameter construction and offering kink and scuff resistance with a reflective band for better visibility and station safety. Field-repairable couplings are available for  the ¾-diameter version. Blue Streak hose has a 400-psi burst pressure rating for reliable performance for indoor or outdoor applications.

Kochek’s Blue Streak brand also offers a complete line of aluminum hex and threaded adapters as well as two high-pressure nozzles available in low- and high-volume flow versions that conform to Prop 65 requirements.
For more information, visit www.kochek.com.

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