ISG Infrasys Launches Personal Thermal Imager with Hazmat Chemical or Gas Leak Detection

ISG Infrasys has launched the all-new X380, a powerful but small-format personal thermal imaging camera that delivers all the image clarity and features of a larger camera. The X380 offers clarity with high-resolution imagery and a full-size LCD, all housed inside a lightweight and compact system. The TIC can be custom-made to suit the exact requirements or budget of a fire department. With features such as Intelligent Focus and Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM) installed as standard, customers can opt for a simplified version with a single-button setup for power on/off or up to a five-button configuration providing exclusive functionality like the New Cold Spot Tracker, designed to allow first responders to locate and pinpoint thread or valve gas leaks, or the Hot Spot Tracker, which allows the user to measure high temperatures in an entirely new and dynamic way.

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