INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS: Motionbrite Magnetic Signs Can Improve Vehicle Visibility

Motionbrite said emergency vehicle visibility can be enhanced with the company’s magnetic signs, which animate and illuminate and can be applied to any metal surface on a vehicle.

“We are looking to replace reflective signs which are only useful when light is shined on them with our technology which is almost the same thickness and illuminates automatically,” said Motionbrite Vice President Brandon Ackerman.

He said bioluminescent technology is used to produce a paper-thin sign capable of light and animation. A wire runs from the magnetic sign into the vehicle and can be plugged directly into the cigarette outlet or can be hardwired into the vehicle’s warning system. During the day the panel looks like a regular full-color sign, but when night approaches, he said the technology comes to life.

“We found that volunteer fire/rescue personnel are spending an extensive amount of money on warning lights for their vehicles,” Ackerman said. “Our technology is more affordable than a regular LED light.”

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