IN THE NEWS: Introducing MOC Ultra

Hurst Jaws of Life has introduced a new cutter, the MOC Ultra, one of the most powerful cutting tools in the world, according to the maker.

The MOC Ultra has over 195,000 pounds of cutting force, and weighs 46 pounds. The tool can cut up to 1.6-inch steel bar and is designed to tackle the super-hardened materials found in many new vehicles, according to Hurst.

Along with vehicle extrication, it also offers improved performance for urban search and rescue operations, structural collapse and industrial rescue situations.

“The introduction of stronger grades of steel and the diverse array of today’s rescue scenes has prompted us to continue to introduce stronger and more innovative tools,” said Bob Linster, Hurst’s sales and marketing vice president. “At Hurst, we believe we have a responsibility to manufacture tools that are in-step with current rescue needs.”

The new tool is lightweight and compact measuring about 29 inches long, 10 inches wide and 7 inches high. The tool is available through all Hurst Jaws of Life distributor outlets.

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